Our Goals
To preach positive attitude, non-violence, peace, social justice and love. Providing counseling services and opportunities for interaction and socializing with the downtrodden in the society. To preach against, prostitution, drug addiction and cultism.
To promote quality education and good healthcare for women and children
To promote zero tolerance against gender based violence.

Our mission is to provide opportunities and support to the destitute and people with health challenges, so that they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness; help for gender based violence victims, keeping the youths out of the streets, and to respond efficiently and effectively to humanitarian cause with sincere and trustworthy practice.

Currently, we are running a fundraising activity for Ifesinachi Divine Favour, a girl child of 14 years from Enugu State, Nigeria. Her father has abandoned the mother and the girl due of her medical condition. Her mother is a roadside trader who feeds from hand to mouth, and can do little or nothing for her child’s treatment.
She has been diagnosed of Haemangioma, a condition that has affected her left eye badly, and she requires immediate surgery. Tests and X-ray has been conducted on the eye, and the diagnosis requires an anticipated sum of about five(5) million naira, for surgery, medical supplies and rehabilitation. The situation is very pathetic.

She needs to undergo surgery as soon as possible. Therefore, we are calling on well-meaning individuals and organizations to support us financially to help save the life and eye of this little girl so she can live a normal and happy life again.
Motto: Compassion in Action
No longer hope of the hopeless